Automatic Sanitizing Tunnel

Safety is must require in the public places. For entrance in hospitals, government offices, malls or shopping complex, it’s better to first sanitize human body with Sanitizing Spray. We have designed a tunnel of 3x8x3 feet which automatically sprays the sanitizer on the arrival of the person in the tunnel.

  • Capacity:18 Liters
  • Size: 8*3*3 (Feet)
  • Weight: 16Kg
  • Input Voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz
  • Operating Voltage: 12volt DC
  • Technology Used: Motion Sensor | Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Body Material: Metal and Flex
  • Number of Spray nozzles: 2
  • Pump Type: Self Priming Pump

Cost: INR 16000/-

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