Automatize your Home or Office as per your needs for your comfort.


Fight against COVID-19 with all new Preventive Measure Gears for your family.


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Fight against COVID-19 with all new Range of Products
Specially developed at Our Labs


Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser work based on sensors which do not require manual touch of any individual to dispense sanitizer on the hands. It dispenses about 1-2 ml of sanitizer which is enough to sanitize the hands.

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UV-C Sanitizing Oven

Ultraviolet Light have been proved to be a very strong tool to kill the germs and virus with an efficiency of 99%.Our Sanitizing Units are so well designed to provide maximum disinfecting action on the product placed inside it.

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Automatic Sanitizing Tunnel

For entrance in hospitals, government offices, or shopping complex, it’s better to first sanitize individual with Sanitizing Spray. Our designed tunnel automatically sprays the sanitizer on the arrival of the individual in the tunnel.

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Fight Against COVID-19

Wear a mask, cap, gloves and shoe covers

Wash and sanitise hands before entering your home

Maintain the requisite 6-feet distance from you during the entire service duration

Disinfect the tools and product, both before and after installation

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Get their temperature pre-checked with thermal guns

Avoid pressing doorbells and use a pen or pencil to operate lift buttons

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